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Mädchen Amick as Shelly Johnson in a promotional photo for the first season of Twin Peaks, 1990.


I’ve decided to turn this into more of a personal tumblr for writing/musings/art stuff. mono-ha’s tumblr will have fashiony stuff, for those who care. xx


Karen Elson dancing to my playlist

Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry, 1977, by Chris Stein

Scanned from The Best Of Punk Magazine, issue #10
Ulla Johnson // Summer 2014. 

I’d love to know who this model is, I’ve been seeing her everywhere. 
Late January Mood Board 
I’m not at all embarrassed that two of the seven objects involve shoes, by the way.
1. Trying to find a good pair of ugly sandals since I’m going to Hawaii and hate most traditional beach footwear. I was never into the whole Birkenstock revival, but comfort footwear as fashion is crucial to me right now so the look is quickly growing on me. These are from Zara.

2. Dreaming about our honeymoon in Greece and Rome. Planning a wedding is stressful, and I’m going to be That Girl about the few wedding things that are not actually annoying for me to plan. The honeymoon is one of them and so are shoes, which brings me to number 

3. The hunt for good patent leather oxfords to wear with my dress, preferably in nude or white. The inspiration comes from Erin Boyle’s wedding that I browsed a few days ago and subsequently can’t stop thinking about. I’m liking these Dieppa Restrepos and unfortunately, a pair of beautiful Saint Laurents that I’m trying to forget about. 

4. A softer side of Rothko in pastel pinks and blues. 

5. This Dusen Dusen denim jumper and cropped mom jeans combo. 

6. A growing obsession with all things marble print. 

7. This girl's hair being the best cropped ombre imaginable. 

Does the wrong “you’re/your” on a statement about intelligence ever get old?